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13 Jul '15

WELCOME to Tiny Town Children's Boutique

Posted by Emily Eden

You may wonder why a website, why now, after years of business. And didn't they have a different website? Yes it is true we did have one. It was hard to use and was more labor intensive than productive. Why this new one? We want  to offer our customers an easier and faster way to shop Tiny Town. The ease of this website lets you purchase the brands that you all love in a simple aggravation free manner. This is the solution. 

Now don't get me wrong we do love our Facebook page and all of our wonderful fans! We love our groups and the members! It has just grown to a point that there has got to be an easier way for our friends, family, and customers to shop our store online. Without the hassle of "but I posted first" or "sorry it already sold in store." These are common phrases that were so frustrating for everyone. 

I cannot simply express to you how frustrating and chaotic Facebook sales could be for everyone involved, but none the less we still love every one of our customers. We do want them all to be HAPPY. We want them all to be able to shop hassle free

We pondered many solutions. Contemplating just continuing the way things were or should we search different avenues. AND then it occurred to us.... WHAT ABOUT A WEBSITE!?!

We needed a way to load items that was one simple for us and two even more simple for our customers. Also, what about sale loads? night owl sales? Clearance? So many different brands? accessories?  Most of all what about our Facebook peeps and loyal customers?

And thus was born this shopify website. We absolutely love it. It is so much easier for us and most of all for you our awesome customers! You can now easily check the website for new sales. Stop by and read new interesting blog posts about our community, fashion, and fun. Soon you will be able to join a newsletter that we will send out with sales, events, and sometimes there will even be COUPON CODES! 

I cannot promise that there will not be goof ups every now and again. I cannot promise that you will find a blog post every day. I even cannot promise that we will send out a new email every day.

What I can promise is that you will find our new website easy to use. And that we as employees are here to help each and every customer to the best of our ability. 

We truly hope that you take a look around and enjoy our new website as much as we do! 

With love and fashion hugs!