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22 Aug '15

TTB on the Road

Posted by Emily Eden

Tiny Town is traveling to Las Vegas! 

The excitement is building in Tiny Town Boutique! Two of our employees are preparing to attend one of the largest conventions for exhibitors and retailers in the United States. There is going to be so much to see in so little time. Vegas offers thousands of booths, exhibitions, events, and seminars. This show is so massive that it takes TWO convention centers! 

Traveling so far may not be exciting to everyone. However, these girls are not seasoned travelers. They are small town girls that have never stepped foot on an airplane. The thought of the lights, the people, the plane, and the convention has them so excited. Oh, lets not forget the enjoyment of finding some awesome stuff for Tiny Town Boutique! 

Why are they attending this event? There are thousands of exhibitors showing clothing, children's clothing, shoes, accessories, and so much more! They will get an inside look at where fashion is trending and hopefully be able to find some new amazing brands to offer to our amazing customers! There is so much more out there in the world of fashion that we miss here in our small town in Kentucky. They are hoping that this event will help them to continue to be fashion forward and be able to obtain some new adorable lines for your little cuties. 

Will the store be open? Yes! Tiny Town Boutique will still be open while they are gone! The website will still be up and running. However, the shipping will be postponed until the girls return. So expect a short delay in our shipping process.

The girls will check in with us on Twitter and Facebook. So be sure to watch for them! 

Love and fashion hugs! 


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